(Portfolio Required - Music Majors Only)

A minor in Media Writing and Production is intended for students who are pursuing majors in other fields within the Frost School of Music. The curriculum in Media Writing and Production is designed for those students intending to pursue a career as a writer and/or producer, as well as pursuing a graduate degree in Media Writing and Production. Students interested in this minor are required to submit a writing/production portfolio to the program director for approval before declaring the minor.  This minor fulfills the Arts & Humanities Area of Knowledge.  

Curriculum Requirements

Required MWP Minor Courses
MMI 261Media Writing I: Music for Media3
MMI 281Production I: Recording and Production Techniques3
Choose either a Media Writing Emphasis or a Production Emphasis9
Media Writing Emphasis
Choose 9 credits from the following:
Virtual Orchestration
Media Writing II: Video Game Scoring
Media Writing III: Film Scoring Foundations
Media Writing IV: Film Scoring Extensions
Production Emphasis
Choose 9 credits from the following:
Production II: Audio Processing and Critical Listening
Production III: Audio Editing
Production IV : Mixing and Mastering
Total Credit Hours15