Curriculum Requirements

Core Required Courses9
Introduction to American National Government
Politics of the Administrative Process
Introduction to Public Policy
Politics, Social, Economic, and Legal
Choose 2 courses from the following:6
Place Holder for Economics of Politics and Public Administration
American Presidency
Politics of Growth Management
Democracy in Action: Local Government Simulation
State Government and Politics
Government in Metropolitan Areas
Global Environmental Politics
Administrative Law
U.S. Health Care Crisis: Politics and Policies
Civic Participation and Democracy
Environmental Policy Making
Government and Business
Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law
Analytical Tools and Communication Skills
Choose 2 courses from the following:6
Public Opinion
Statistics for Politics and Public Administration
Introductory Statistical Methods in Political Science
Advanced Statistical Methods in Political Science
Introduction to Game Theory for Political Science
Applied Policy Analysis
Public Policy Process and Implementation
Management of Public Organizations
Choose 2 courses from the following:6
Budget and Financial Management and Administration
Organizational Dynamics and Management
Public Affairs Internship
Problems in Public and Non-Profit Management
Non-Profit Organizations: Law, Policy, and Management
Human Resource Management in Public Service
Productivity in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors
Total Quality Public Service Management: Achieving High Performance Government
Politics and Ethics
Ethical and Manangerial Issues in Government, Business and Non-Profit Organization.
From Electronic Government to Digital Governance
Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law
Comparative Governance
Choose 1 course from the following:3
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Politics and Society in Latin America
Comparative Public Policy and Administration
LGBTI Politics
Sex, Babies, and the State
Comparative Political Economy of Post-Industrial Democracies
Political Economy of Development
Special Topics in Public Administration, Policy, and Law
Additional Requirements9
English Composition I
English Composition II
Precalculus Mathematics II (or higher level MTH course)
Language Requirement3-9
Arts and Humanities Cognate9
STEM Cognate9
Minor Requirement15
Total Credit Hours120


The Department of Political Science mission is to foster a community of scholars and students that encourages the quest for a deeper understanding of politics and develops a personal commitment to lifelong learning, intellectual growth, and civic responsibility. The Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration at the University of Miami provides the student a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing those in the public service with special emphasis-on administrative and managerial functions of government.


Through the study of public administration, our graduates will develop the skills and techniques necessary to serve as effective leaders and managers. They will be trained to effectively, efficiently, and equitably translate public policies into public programs and projects. Public administration coursework includes a comprehensive treatment of the broad political, social, economic and legal environment that serves as the context for government administration. The program stresses theory, research, and practice. The program builds on arts and science foundations to develop analytical and communication skill and a deep understanding of the management of public organizations. The public administration program prepares students for a range of careers in public service and provides them with a solid foundation for additional education in graduate or professional schools.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of public administration concepts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform social science research independently, analyze evidence and arguments critically, and draw reasoned conclusions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate theoretical concepts and empirical findings clearly.