Students may choose to double major in both Sociology and Criminology, or major in either Sociology or Criminology while minoring in the other.

Sociology and Criminology Double Major

Students wishing to complete a double major must complete the Declaration of Major form for the College of Arts and Sciences and fill in both majors. Students completing a double major are not required to complete a minor as well.

Curriculum Requirements

Core Courses
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 210Introduction to Social Research3
SOC 211Quantitative Methods for Sociologists3
SOC 212Quantitative Methods Lab1
Sociology Courses
SOC 401Sociological Theory3
Select two of the following:6
Social Organization
Social Psychology: Sociological Perspective
Social Inequalities
Criminology Courses
SOC 371Criminology3
SOC 470Theories of Deviant Behavior3
Select one of the following:3
Criminal Justice
Juvenile Delinquency
Departmental Electives30
General Education Requirements
Written Communication Skills:
WRS 105First-Year Writing I3
WRS 106First-Year Writing II3
or ENG 106 Writing About Literature and Culture
Quantitative Skills:
MTH 113Finite Mathematics ****3
Areas of Knowledge:
Arts and Humanities Cognate 9
People & Society Cognate (9 credits) (fulfilled through either major)
STEM Cognate9
Additional Required Courses
Science Course3
Foreign Language 3-9
Total Credit Hours120

 Other Requirements


PSY 291, PSY 292 can be substituted for SOC 211 only by students who are Psychology majors or minors and also majoring in Sociology and Criminology.  EPS 351 can be substituted for SOC 211 only by students who have a major or minor in the School of Education and Human Development.  


A minimum final grade of C- and a GPA of 2.0 are required in all courses offered by the Department


A minimum of 31 credits must be earned in residency in the Department; thus, only a maximum of 27 credits can be transferred from other institutions as eligible credits for the SOCIOLOGY/CRIMINOLOGY DOUBLE major


3 credit hours in a Mathematics course numbered MTH 108 or higher is required for graduation; MTH 113 is recommended for Sociology/Criminology students.

Sociology and Criminology Major-Minor Program

A minor in either Sociology or Criminology while majoring in the other program requires 12 additional credits offered by the Department to the major program requirements, totaling 43 credit hours.

  • 6 of these credits must be 300-level or higher.
  • Sociology majors must take SOC 371 Criminology.