The minor in Professional Writing will equip students with advanced writing skills and practical composition techniques that will complement a variety of majors and career paths. Through courses focused on communication across varying purposes and genres, students will engage in writing, research, analysis, and design to convey their ideas effectively in print and multimedia formats. These courses will directly prepare students for the varied writing situations that they will encounter throughout their academic and professional careers. Students will also navigate shifting rhetorical situations and consider the larger implications of language and society.  

Students in the program may take courses in areas including, but not limited to: Professional Communication, Writing in STEM,  Legal Writing, Humanities, People & Society, Civic Engagement, and Research. 

Curriculum Requirements

Required Courses (Choose Two)6
Advanced Professional Communication
Advanced Writing
Writing for Innovation and Leadership
Writing in the Disciplines (Choose Two) 6
Advanced Writing for Arts and Humanities
Advanced Writing for People and Society
Advanced Writing for STEM
Legal Writing
Legal Rhetoric
Upper Division Elective (Choose One)3
Writing for Civic Engagement
Writing the Research Paper
Total Credit Hours15