Minor Area of Specialization in International Business (People & Society)

The minor in International Business provides Miami Herbert Business School students an interdisciplinary perspective of international business to augment their studies in other areas of business specialization. The International Business minor may not be selected by non-business students  Students must complete all prerequisite courses before enrolling in required International Business minor courses. 

Curriculum Requirements

The 12-credit-hour minor in International Business consists of the following (all courses must be taken within the current prerequisite structure):

Core Courses 1
Select two or three courses (6-9 credit hours) from the following:6-9
International Finance
International Business
International and Multinational Management
International Marketing
Choice Courses for the Minor: 1
Select one or two courses (3-6 credit hours) to equal 12 total credit hours for the minor from the following:3-6
International Business Law
Economics of Development
Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Global Economy
International Trade Theory
International Monetary Economics
International Financial Management
Comparative Management
Doing Business in Latin America
International Marketing Management
U.S.-Latin American Relations
American Foreign Policy
United States Relations with the Middle East
West European Politics (Previous Title: European Politics and Government)
Postcommunist Russian Politics
Politics and Society in Latin America
Politics of the Middle East
International Terrorism
Chinese Foreign Policy
International Development Policy
Politics in China
International Security
International Relations of the Middle East
Total Credit Hours12

All specific coursework for the International Business minor must be completed with a grade of "C-" or higher.  A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for all specific coursework in this minor area of specialization.

All courses must be taken within the current prerequisite structure.