The Global Business Co-Major (People and Society)

The curriculum for the Global Business Co-Major consists of 18 credit hours of required and elective course choices. The Global Business Co-Major is available only to BBA or BSBA students who are also completing another undergraduate business major area of specialization.

Curriculum Requirements

Each student will work with an advisor to design an individualized course of study that enhances the student’s global perspective and provides an intellectual framework and immersive environment for studying a new country or region of the world.  Each program of study will consist of a minimum of 18 credit hours, including coursework distributed among the following areas:

  1. Economics related to the country or region
  2. Political or regulatory environment of the country or region
  3. Historical/cultural perspective on the country or region
  4. Exposure to a language of the country or region, demonstrated by completion of a business course in the language of the region, or if unavailable, completion of a course in the language at the 200 level or above.  Where the country or region that is studied is English-speaking, the student may complete this requirement by demonstrating language proficiency at the 200 level or above in another language, or by taking an additional course related to the economics, political/regulatory environment, or history/culture of the country or region.
  5. One international/global focused upper level business elective, outside the student’s other business major 
  6. Capstone Global Business course:  choose from MGT 459, MGT 371, or MGT 498.

To further advance and integrate the student's regional, functional and pragmatic expertise, and to hone the student’s global mindset, the curriculum includes a required Experiential Learning component.

  • students must complete a learning experience in the country or region (i.e. study abroad).
  • students must complete an approved international internship.
  • students’ participation will be encouraged in any MBS Immersion Course that is offered for undergraduates in the region studied.  These may take the form of summer or spring break study.
  • students’ participation in programming on and off campus related to their region and career track will be encouraged and facilitated.


Global Business coursework will engage students in pointed critical thinking and discourse that will push them beyond the customary business curriculum, requiring them to consider in some depth the economic, socio-political, historical/cultural questions that embody the intellectual framework for the study of another country or region.


The Global Business curriculum will provide the rigor, flexibility, and depth to enable students to:

  • Design an overall undergraduate curriculum that is consistent with their unique business and global interests,
  • Undertake experiential learning activities, including internships, in cosmopolitan Miami and other locations worldwide, which will expand their perspective and allow them to gain a strong multicultural understanding,
  • Learn from the perspectives and experiences of an outstanding and diverse group of professors, classmates, practitioners, and UM alumni from all over the world.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Global Business co-major will:

  • Apply interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, including in relevant cases, foreign language skills, to critical analysis of business topics at the country or regional level.
  • Evaluate and apply diverse perspectives to complex issues of comparative and/or global significance, in the face of multiple and sometimes conflicting positions (e.g., cultural, disciplinary, ethical).
  • Engage in meaningful interaction with other culture(s) and gain an in-depth understanding of a country and/or region of the world where the student may expect to commence his or her global business career.