The Global Business Studies: Latin America Co-Major (People and Society)

The Global Business Studies Program is a co-major option for incoming Miami Herbert Business School freshmen, who apply and are selected as GBS Scholars/Foote Fellows.  Students in the program simultaneously pursue a major in a functional area of business and, in the co-major, region-specific global studies coursework.

Curriculum Requirements

Each student will work with an advisor to design an individualized course of study that enhances the student’s global perspective and provides an intellectual framework and immersive environment for studying a new country or region of the world.

Individualized Coursework
Each program of study will include coursework distributed among the following areas:
Introduction to the Region3
Language Proficiency0-6
Demonstrated proficiency in the language of the region, or where this is not feasible, at least one language course at the 200 level or above (min. 3 credit hours) Students may demonstrate language proficiency by completing business coursework delivered in the language of the region selected.
Economics of the Region3
Political and/or Regulatory Environment of the Region3
History of the Region3
MGT 349International Business (Recommended alternatives: MGT “Doing Business in [the Region]” where available, or other approved business course in-country)3
Honors Seminars & Senior Thesis6
Global Business Studies Introductory Seminar
Global Business Studies Seminar II
Global Business Studies Seminar III
Global Business Studies Seminar IV
Global Business Studies Seminar V
Global Business Studies Thesis Defense
Culminates in a written research paper examining a significant problem or proposal for a particular country, approached from an interdisciplinary stand point Carried out under the supervision of one or more faculty members. Oral presentation of the student's findings and recommendations also required
Required internship or directed study in-country may allow for field research
Minimum of one semester “study abroad” in the studied region is required.
Total Credit Hours21-27

GBS Scholars are also invited to participate in a wide array of co-curricular activities, intentionally designed to enhance the Global Business Studies co-major. These include a faculty-led, international travel course in the summer following freshman year and cultural activities and events throughout the program, curated by the GBS Academic Program Director.  

Please note that any student who does not complete these curricular and co-curricular requirements, or who is unable to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5, will be asked to exit the program and co-major.