CUB 201. Introduction to Cuban Studies. 3 Credit Hours.

Course introduces students to the history, culture(s), economics, and politics of Cuba in inter- and multi-disciplinary perspective. Students gain an appreciation for the breadth and history of “Cuban Studies” as a field.
Components: LEC.
Grading: GRD.
Typically Offered: Spring Odd Years.

CUB 501. Special Topics in Cuban Studies. 3 Credit Hours.

Topics vary. Focus may be thematic, comparative, or pertain to a specific subfield in Cuban Studies. Course may feature visiting faculty at the University of Miami.
Components: SEM.
Grading: GRD.
Typically Offered: Offered by Announcement Only.

CUB 511. Cuban Studies Internship. 1-3 Credit Hours.

The internship is an opportunity to apply analytical, interpretative, and creative skills developed in coursework. Internships ordinarily take place at the Cuban Heritage Collection, where students will assist with the collection, acquisition, cataloguing, preservation, and/or interpretation of collection materials. Internships may also take place outside the university in cultural, business, or not-for-profit organizations and institutions relevant to the Cuban Studies field. Internships involve UM¬-faculty supervision, as well as supervised on-site experience. Students need to fill out the Internship Application Form. Normally 27 internship hours are required per credit earned. A maximum of three semester hours of internship credit may be counted toward the student's degree program. Permission of faculty member is required (the site supervisor will apply documentary evidence of the hours worked). Prerequisite: CUB 201 and one of the following: ARH 420, APY 311, HIS 310, HIS 353, LAW 198, MCY 333, SPA 319, SPA 361.
Pre-Requisite: CUB 201 and one of the following: ARH 420 or APY 311 or HIS 310 or HIS 353 or LAW 198 or MCY 333 or SPA 319 or SPA 361.
Components: EXP.
Grading: GRD.
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, & Summer.