Students minoring in English literature work closely with their professors and collaboratively with each other to improve their writing and critical thinking skills, to weigh values, and to communicate ideas. Students also develop their creativity and intellectual curiosity while acquiring a deep understanding of our aesthetic and literary heritage in all of its historical and cultural dimensions. An English minor is valuable for any career path, including careers in law, creative writing, secondary education, university teaching and scholarship, business, journalism, and any of the health professions. 

Curriculum Requirements

Select ONE LITERATURE course at the 200-level3
Select ONE LITERATURE course numbered 200 or above that fulfills the Diversity and Global Understanding area requirement3
For list of classes fulfilling this requirement see the Curriculum for the English Literature major at:
Select TWO LITERATURE courses at the 300- or 400-level6
Select ONE additional English elective numbered 200 or above (can include a creative writing workshop)3
Total Credit Hours15

The student minoring in English completes at least 15 credit hours at the 200-level or above beyond the credits earned for first-year writing.  


A grade of C- or better is required in each course along with an overall GPA in the minor of 2.0 or better, 


Students pursuing both a major and a minor (or two majors) offered by the Department of English may double-count a maximum of two English courses toward the fulfillment of their degree requirements.  They must also have an additional major or minor in a department other than English.