Curriculum Requirements

Core Classes
THA 101Introduction to Theatre3
THA 143Backstage Crew Lab1
THA 453Theatre Arts Capstone3
ENG 105English Composition I3
ENG 106English Composition II3
MTH 113Finite Mathematics3
Minor* Or second major15-36
People & Society Cognate9
STEM Cognate9
Focus-Area Courses
History, Literature, & Playwriting6
Design, Management, & Technology5
Total Credit Hours120

Suggested Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
Fall ICredit Hours
ENG 105 English Composition I 3
MTH 113 Finite Mathematics 3
Language 3
THA 101 Introduction to Theatre 3
THA 143 Backstage Crew Lab 1
Select credit hours from the Performance Focus-Area Course List 3
 Credit Hours16
Spring I
ENG 106 English Composition II 3
STEM Cognate 3
Language 3
Select credit hours from the Performance Focus-Area Course List 3
Select credit hours from the Design Management & Technology 2
 Credit Hours14
Sophomore Year
Fall I
STEM Cognate 3
Language 3
Elective 3
Select credit hours from the History, Literature and Playwriting Focus-Area Course List 3
Select credit hours from the Design Management & Technology Focus-Area Course List 3
 Credit Hours15
Spring I
STEM Cognate 3
Minor 3
Elective 9
 Credit Hours15
Junior Year
Fall I
Select credit hours from the History, Literature and Playwriting Focus-Area Course List 6
People & Society Cognate 3
Minor 3
Elective 3
 Credit Hours15
Spring I
Elective Credit Hours from the Focus-Area Course List 3
Minor 3
People & Society Cognate 3
Elective 6
 Credit Hours15
Senior Year
Fall I
Elective credit hours from the Focus-Area Course List 3
People & Society Cognate 3
Elective 9
 Credit Hours15
Spring I
THA 453 Theatre Arts Capstone 3
Minor 6
Elective 6
 Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours120

Performance Focus Area 

Focus-Area Course List: Performance
THA 105Introduction to Acting3
THA 106Introduction to Acting for the Musical Theatre3
THA 108Introduction to Standardized Patient Simulation3
THA 140Introduction to Dance3
THA 160Dance Styles3
THA 161Beginning/Intermediate Tap3
THA 162Intermediate/Advanced Tap3
THA 206Acting for Musical Theatre3
THA 208Intermediate Standardized Patient Training3
THA 214Movement II3
THA 240Introduction to Dance II3
THA 251Intermediate Acting I3
THA 252Intermediate Acting II3
THA 253Special Topics in Voice for the Stage3
THA 254Movement for Actors3
THA 351Auditioning and Preparing for the Profession3
THA 352Singing for the Musical Theater3
THA 356Improvisational Acting3
THA 4133
THA 451Advanced Acting: Classical Poetic Text3
THA 452Advanced Acting: Contemporary Poetic Text3
THA 461Play Direction I3
THA 462Play Direction II3
THA 471Directing the Actor for Film3

History, Literature, and Playwriting Focus Area

Focus-Area Course List: History, Literature, & Playwriting
THA 281History of Western Theatre Architecture3
THA 301Theater and the Holocaust3
THA 302People, Places and Play: Theatre that Changed the World3
THA 370Popular Culture and Entertainment: Performance, Spectacle, and Audience Experience3
THA 375Introduction to Playwriting3
THA 376Beg, Borrow and Steal: Adapting for the Stage3
THA 377Make Them Laugh: How to Write Comedy3
THA 381Play Analysis I3
THA 382Play Analysis II3
THA 383Queer Theatre: Body Politics/Staging Sexuality3
THA 384History of the American Musical Theatre3
THA 385History of Interior Design and Furniture3
THA 386History of Fashion3
THA 472Where Stage and Film Meet3
THA 475Lyric Writing for Musical Theatre3
THA 481Theatre History I3
THA 482Theatre History II3
THA 485Playwriting II3

Design, Management, and Technology Electives 

Theatre Electives: Design, Management, & Technology (5 credit hours required)
THA 141Introduction to Scenic, Costume, and Light Design in Theatre and Film2
THA 142Introduction to Theatre Technology2
THA 144Production Crew Lab1
THA 241Basic Costume Sewing and Scenic Painting3
THA 242Drafting for the Theatre3
THA 243Beginning Theatre Design How to Sketch Your Idea3
THA 244Theatre Design and Collaboration - Three Dimentional Creativity for Scenery and Costumes.3
THA 245Technical Planning for Theatrical Productions3
THA 246Survey of Design for Theater and Live Entertainment.3
THA 247Master Electrician for the Stage3
THA 248Introduction to Design for Film3
THA 341Sound for the Theatre3
THA 342Scenic Design3
THA 343Costume Design3
THA 344Lighting Design3
THA 345Scenic Materials and Structures3
THA 347Stage Make-Up3
THA 364The Theatre Industry3
THA 3653
THA 369Producing New Plays and Musicals3
THA 441Advanced Design and Management Practicum I3
THA 442Advanced Design and Management Practicum II3
THA 4633
THA 4643
THA 4653
THA 4663
THA 4673
THA 4683
THA 469Producing Musical Theatre II3