Curriculum Requirements

Primary Language 6
Primary Language 300-Level or above6
Secondary Language Any level12
Total Credit Hours24

 For example, POR 201POR 202POR 301 and POR 321 along with SPA 101SPA 102SPA 201 and SPA 202 would constitute a Minor in Two Modern Languages; so would CHI 202CHI 203CHI 204 and CHI 310 along with FRE 101FRE 102FRE 201 and FRE 202. Many other combinations are possible. Please consult with the language and program advisors.


This minor must include 6 graded credit hours per language from the University of Miami. 


Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in every course counting toward the minor, and maintain a minimum overall average of 2.5 in the minor.


One course in English (numbered 310 through 319) may count towards the Minor in Two Modern Languages with the approval of the language and program advisor.


When Arabic, Chinese or Japanese are the primary language, 204 courses may count as one of the two 300-level courses. 


Completing the Minor in Two Modern Languages will fulfill the foreign language requirement.