The dual major in Chemistry and Physics is designed for students who are pursuing a regular B.S. degree in Chemistry and want to pursue a second major in Physics.

In addition to the major in Chemistry, the dual major requires 22 credit hours in physics and specific courses in Chemistry. The physics courses must include one of the University Physics sequences with two labs, plus PHY 350 and PHY 360. The remaining courses must receive advanced permission from the physics advisor. The specific Chemistry courses include  CHM 360CHM 364CHM 365CHM 464, and one among CHM 530CHM 553, or CHM 575.

Students pursuing this dual major will have to satisfy the College of Arts and Sciences writing requirement for the Chemistry major.

Curriculum Requirements

Physics Requirements
University Physics Sequence10-11
Option 1:
University Physics I
University Physics II
University Physics III
University Physics II Lab
University Physics III Lab
Option 2:
University Physics I
Honors University Physics II-III
University Physics II Lab
University Physics III Lab
Option 3:
University Physics I for the Sciences
University Physics II for the Sciences
College Physics Laboratory I
University Physics II Lab
College Physics Laboratory II
University Physics III Lab
Option 4:
University Physics I for PRISM
University Physics II for PRISM
College Physics Laboratory I
University Physics II Lab
College Physics Laboratory II
Upper Level Courses
PHY 350Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism3
PHY 360Introduction to Modern Physics3
PHY 321Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory3
or PHY 340 Classical Mechanics I
or PHY 560 Quantum Mechanics and Modern Physics I
One 300 level (or higher) physics courses, excluding PHY 3152-3
Chemistry Requirements
CHM 121Principles of Chemistry4
CHM 221Introduction to Structure and Dynamics4
CHM 222Organic Reactions and Synthesis4
CHM 113Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHM 205Chemical Dynamics Laboratory1
CHM 206Organic Reactions and Synthesis Laboratory2
CHM 214Quantitative Analytical Chemistry3
CHM 316Instrumental Analytical Chemistry3
CHM 320Instrumental Methods in Chemistry and Biochemistry2
CHM 360Physical Chemistry I (Lecture)3
CHM 364Physical Chemistry (Laboratory I)1
CHM 365Physical Chemistry II (Lecture)3
CHM 441Inorganic Chemistry (Lecture)3
CHM 464Physical Chemistry (Laboratory II)1
CHM 530Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy3
or CHM 553 Modern Quantum Chemistry
or CHM 575 Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Multidimensional Spectroscopy
BMB 401Biochemistry for the Biomedical Sciences4
Math Requirements
MTH 161Calculus I4
or MTH 151 Calculus I for Engineers
or MTH 171 Calculus I
MTH 162Calculus II4
or MTH 172 Calculus II
MTH 210Introduction to Linear Algebra3
or PHY 315 Mathematical Tools for Physics
MTH 211Calculus III3
or MTH 310 Multivariable Calculus
or PHY 315 Mathematical Tools for Physics
MTH 311Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations3
or PHY 315 Mathematical Tools for Physics
General Education Requirements
CSC 120Computer Programming I4
ENG 106Writing About Literature and Culture3
or WRS 106 First-Year Writing II
WRS 105First-Year Writing I3
Language course at the 200-level3
Arts and Humanities Cognate9
People and Society Cognate9
Total Credit Hours121-123

Other courses may be approved after consultation with a Physics/Chemistry faculty advisor.